Middle Creek Miniatures

AMHA & AMHR Miniature Horses in North Carolina for Sale!

                 In Memory of a very special friend !!!

MCM's Boogermans Hot Shot

Hot Shot has proven himself to be a great gelding. 

I am having loads of fun with him.  We go driving several times a week.

Hot Shot placed first in Jr Gelding at the Mane Event in Raleigh

in December!!!

Reeces Royal Eclipse

Reecey did very will at the AMHR Show in Williamston, N. C. We got three 2nds and numberous other placings.  She was a pleasure to show!  We both had lots of fun and that is what it is all about.

Below is what we do with our minis when it is winter and we aren't showing anymore!!!

Reecey is now pulling a cart and doing a great job.

My Very First Time Showing !!!


I showed the WCMHR Show in Williamston.  This is Quite Dells Change of Time.

She placed Reserve Junior Mare.  It was a very hot day but we had lots of fun!!!

ECMHC Show-Williamston 2007

This is a filly that was bred and raised at Middle Creek Miniatures.  She was bought and shown by Kathy Price.  I did show her at the AMHR show in Williamston, N.C. and we never left the ring without a ribbon!!!

Rodger & Satin

Satin was trained to pull a cart by her new owner Rodger Kirby of Kenly, N. C.  He has trained several horses and donkeys to pull a cart.  He uses slow gentle handling that they really seem to respond to.  They all end up with an attitude of just loving what they are doing!

Our Rabbits !

Our other feathered Friends !

Dominecter and Copper Maran Chickens

 Just a few of our many guineas !!! We have raised hundreds this summer.

This is a Cute Picture!

My sister-in-law caught Rhinestone and Jag racing the fence line and took this picture. 

Their strides look just alike!