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AMHA & AMHR Miniature Horses in North Carolina for Sale!

Foxy had this amazing little colt!!! He is A &R.Sire: Hawk $1,500

Wild coloring! Few Spot Black Appaloosa

Price reduced $1,500

1 Month Old


8 Months Old with a fuzzy winter coat!


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We have been breeding miniature horses for over 20 years.  It takes years to get where we have the quality miniature horses that we have had this year. There isn't a baby in our foal crop this year that we are unsatisfied with. 

MCMS (Sids Rebel & Boones Little Andy) Filly

16.25 inches at birth. Sired by BRR Little Andy's Rhinstone out of Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea's first foal. We have several first time mares this year.  23 inches on 8/10/13.


MCMS Melody's Indian Princess Sire: Hawk (SOLD)

Melody had this filly on the 16th of April. Her sire is Hawk; our leopard 29.5 inch stallion. The filly measured 19 inches at birth. She is a beautiful gray that will just shimmer when clipped for show. She will be AMHA and AMHR registered. As of 8/10/2013 she is only 21 inches tall!


Sire:                                                                     Dam:



MCMS (A Little Andy) AMHA and AMHR (SOLD)

Sire: Happy Times Handy Andy

Dam: MCM'S Star Struck Girl

   A beautiful colt that is confirmation perfect.  He would make a excellent show colt.  If you want to compete; this colt will put you in the running.



MCMS (Colt) Sire: BRR Little Andys Rhinestone (SOLD)

Peg had a colt this year. He is only 12 hrs old in this picture. He is AMHA and AMHR. 


Homozygous, Black Factored Colt (SOLD)

Sire: Montana

This colt is out of Oreo by Montana (both are Homozygous for the Tobiano Gene). He is Homozgous and will be tested to see if he is Black Factored.He is AMHA and AMHR regestered (Papers are back!). He has a good bite and straight legs. He is a high stepping colt that will make a very sharp driving horse. 



MCMS Shimmering Black Velveteen  (SOLD)

This is a filly out of Velvet and sired by Happy Times Handy Andy.  This is first time cross for these two and we liked this filly so much; Velvet is back with Andy already to get bred back. Registered AMHA and AMHR already; she is 26.5 inches. Measurement of the cornet to the indent in the knee is 7.5 inches. She should mature to be between 29 to 31 inches. 



Villa had a very flashy Black and White Colt! (SOLD)

This colt is AMHA and AMHR registerable. He will make a very good show or driving colt.


 Sire: Montana




Mysty had a pretty Black and White colt by Montana (SOLD)

This colt is AMHA. He is straight and correct. Pretty little head. A show colt for sure!


Sire: Montana


Angel had a very tiny colt by Montana (SOLD)

This colt is A and R reg. He is so tiny and cute. He is very correct and will stand out in the show ring.


MCMs "first 2013 filly" Sire: Happy Times Handy Andy (Sold)

She is by of Handy Andy (Boones Little Andy grandson). Out of a daughter to Little Olivia. She is so tiny. First foal for this mare.




Prisilla had a very pretty colt! Sire: Hawk   (SOLD)

 MCMS (Appaloosa Colt)

This colt is a near leopard. He is AMHA registerable.  His Dam is 31 inches and his sire is 29.5 inch black leopard.  This colt will stand out in the show ring!!! So get your show colt now.


Razor had a filly sired by Happy Times Handy Andy (Sold)

 Filly is AMHR. She will be very small. She would make a great pet. 


MCMs Reecey's Filly Sire: Happy Times Handy Andy (SOLD)

Reecey had a very striking filly.  She is loud and flashy. She is AMHA and AMHR.  Dam is Rees Royal Eclipse; granddam: Timber Ridges Impressive Magic, Grandsire: Pharaohs Royal Reception. Sire is Happy Times Handy Andy; granddam: River Edge Lovers Caprice; grandsire: Lucky Four Andys Diamond Showcase.